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Water / Service Line.

Water is traditionally supplied to your home in one of two ways. Either by a Well or from a Municipality Utility District(MUD) or City. You can look at your monthly water bill to determine if you are MUD or City. Potable water is water categorized as safe for consumption and Non-potable water is not safe for consumption.

City Water Layout

Water / Service Line FAQ's

What exactly is my water/service line?

Your water/service line is the main line that supplies water to your house. If you are on a well, then it is the line that leaves the well and feeds your home. If you are on City/MUD water, then your water/service line begins at the adapter that connects your line to their meter. This may vary with each City/MUD. 

Where is my water/service line located?

Your water/service line will be located in between either the well and your house, or the water meter and your house. Typically, your line is ran under the ground and on the side closest to the meter or well.

What do I do if I have a water leak OUTSIDE my house?

If you have a well, then you should have a Shut Off valve that is attached to the line that feeds your house. Turn it off. Turning off this valve will shut down water to everything that is past that valve.

If you are on City/MUD water, then the valve inside the valve box needs to be turned off. This specific valve is known as a Curb Stop. WARNING: you do not own the Curb Stop. If you break anything that City/MUD owns, then you will also have to pay the City/MUD whatever they charge you to have it fixed.

What do I do if I have a leak INSIDE my house?

See Repipe Section.

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