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Whole Home and Horizontal Only Repipe

Your home may look different than the one in the graphic below, but the main principles are the same. The potable water system starts at a source. This could either be from a well or from a municipality. The pipe supplying water to your home is your main service line. It is also the beginning of your "cold" water.

Once this main service line enters your home, it will change names to trunk line, and start to branch off to feed your plumbing fixtures. This 'branching' can take many forms. Either a loop system, manifold system, or traditional branch system. The graphic below is a traditional branch system. One of the branch cold water lines will feed your water heater. This is the beginning of your "hot" water.

Residential Water Diagram

Repipe FAQ's

What do I do if there is a leak INSIDE my house?

Your home should come equipped with a Whole Home Shut Off valve. This valve is normally outside, close to an exterior wall, and typically on the same side as the water meter. This valve is usually a Gate or Ball Valve. Both close by turning the handle clockwise.

Another set of valves your home should come equipped with are Emergency/Angle/Straight Stops. These are the valves closest to the plumbing fixtures in our home, excluding your water heater. Your water heater should have its own unique Shut Off Valve on the Cold line. You can read a more detailed water heater explanation here.

Does my home need a Repipe?

We strongly recommend a whole home repipe if your house was originally plumbed with galvanized pipes. As for any other products used, it varies due to multiple reasons. Water quality, water usage, craftsmanship of the install, quality of the products used, are just some of the factors we look at. Our highly trained professional plumbers will go over what they find after we perform a Plumbing Investigation. 

Does my home need a Whole Home Repipe or a Horizontal Only Repipe?

This question depends on the same factors mentioned in the above paragraph. We do not offer Horizontal Repipes on homes that were originally plumbed with galvanized pipes. There are no real advantages to performing a Horizontal Only Repipe and leave the old galvanized pipes in the walls.

Beyond that, it is really up to your goals and desires. A Whole Home Repipe is the most comprehensive option. It offers the best results for the longest amount of time. With that being said, we understand that sometimes it is not an option due to finances and/or the remodeling work that must performed afterwards. If your home qualifies for both, then we will show you options of both.

What is the difference between a Whole Home Repipe and a Horizontal Only Repipe?

Our Whole Home Repipes replace everything from the Whole Home Shut Off valve on your main line, all of the Hot and Cold lines, to the valves that feed each of your plumbing fixtures.

Our Horizontal Only Repipes only replace the Hot and Cold lines that exist in the attic.

Both of these options will include pressure testing, strapping, insulating, and permit and inspection where applicable.

How long does a Whole Home Repipe and Horizontal Repipe take?

This answer varies with each job. A Whole Home Repipe is a very in-depth process that can be very disruptive to day-to-day life in the home. We do our best to get you back into your home as fast as possible, but we must be thorough on such a large job. A single story 2000 sq/ft home with 2 Full Baths could take between 5-7 business days. A Horizontal Only Repipe for this same home can be done in around half of the time. These amounts can change in either direction due to unforeseen circumstances at any moment. We do our best by documenting everything we see and communicate that to you as soon as possible.

What kind of demolition/remodeling is to be expected?

A Whole Home Repipe is an extensive process. Multiple holes in sheetrock are to be expected. These holes will be located in any area that plumbing exist such as; walls, ceilings, above and below cabinets, and closets. We do our best to minimize any holes that may have to be made. However, our ultimate goal is to give you a plumbing result that is rewarding and long lasting.

The length of the remodeling process is determined by the size of the overall project. We do our best to make you well aware of the entire process as early as possible. We offer remodeling options for any of our work. The cost of remodeling will be included, if this is the option you choose to go with.


Why do we use PEXa instead of PEXb?

PEXa pipe is expandable. This allows a certain amount of expansion to happen if the pipe freezes. Due to how PEXa is structured, it can return back to its normal size without any integrity deformations. PEXb can not do that. PEXa fittings are also designed in such a way that the inner diameter of the fitting is the same as the pipe. This allows the water flow to continue with less flow restriction. PEXb is not desinged this way. PEXb fittings restrict the inner diameter of the pipe, therefore, restricting the flow. Most PEXa products come with a 15-25 year manufactures' warranty.

PEX Tool

What all is included in our Whole Home Repipes?

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