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Drain / Sewer


Drain Lines are the plumbing pipes that exist under the building's foundation. These pipes move sewage from inside the building to the outside. Once outside, these pipes get renamed to Sewer Lines.


Most drain/sewer lines run off of gravity. Think of these pipes as giant straws fused end-to-end. The sewage is pulled through them via gravity. That means that these lines need to be pitched at the proper angle to move the sewage down the line. Any disruption to this flow can cause a clog.

Basic Sewer Layout


Drain and Sewer FAQ's

Why is my drain/sewer line clogged?

Drain/Sewer Line clogs can occur due to multiple reasons. Some common causes are; misuse, improper installation, environmental, or product failure. Since sewage is pulled out of your home via gravity, it does not take much to cause clog.

How can I prevent creating drain/sewer clogs?

Your drain/sewer system is designed to handle normal everyday human waste. Anything outside of that should be disposed of in a different manner.

How are clogs fixed?

Just like most plumbing repairs, we start with the most basic steps and move on to more complex solutions last. We run a sewer machine and sewer camera combo at every clog. This combo allows you and I to see where the problem was and what was the reason. This way we can determine of any further work needs to and/or see if the issue was resolved.

From there we have the capabilities to run a Jet Machine or Jetter. This tool can help scour and scrape off any lingering debris that the sewer machine may have missed. Afterwards, we run our camera again to visually inspect the pipes.

There are some cases where these tools can not fix the issue. Such as a broken pipe or severe belly. At that time, a mechanical repair would need to be performed. That can either be a Spot Repair or Complete Replacement. We are able to perform both of these options.

Tunnel Job

Drain / Underslab / Tunnel

Drain Lines are the pipes that exist under the foundation that carry away sewage. To replace these pipes, we either tunnel under the home and/or through the foundation. We determine which route on a case-by-case method.

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Kitchen Wall Out


Sewer Lines are the same Drain Lines that exist out from under the foundation of the building. Repairs for Sewer Lines can either be Complete Replacements to Spot Repairs. Depending on what is needed or desired.

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Sewer Machine

Sewer Clogs / Sewer Machine

Sewer Clogs can be caused by multiple reasons. From misuse, ground movement, to improper installation. One of the more common tools used to dislodge clogs is the Sewer Machine.

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Sewer Camera

Sewer Camera / Video Inspection

Sewer Cameras allow us to perform a video inspection of the Sewer or Drain pipes. This can help us determine what is the issue and the location.

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Sewer Jet Machine

Jet Machine / Jetter

A Jet Machine or Jetter is another option that we offer to help clear clogs. This tool sprays out water under high PSI.

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Clean Out Plug

Hydrostatic Test

A Hydrostatic Test is where we purposefully clog sewer/drain lines in order to determine if there is a leak.

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