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Gas Piping

Gas Piping includes two types of fuel, Liquid Propane(LP) and Natural Gas(NG). NG systems are supplied similar to city water. You will have a meter, the amount you use will be measured, and fees according to the measurement will be charged to you monthly. LP systems are stored on-site and refilled whenever the storage tank runs out. Fees are charged to you to setup the LP system, maintained, and refilled.

Some plumbing fixtures can be converted from one fuel source to the other, however, only the manufacture should be used to verify this information and supply the conversion kits. 

Both systems require special training, tools, and licenses to work on. You can contact us if you have further questions.

Gas Meter

Gas Piping FAQ's

What do I do if I smell gas?

CenterPoint suggests that you follow these simple steps here.

How do I know if I have Liquid Propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG)?

LP systems will have a large storage tank that is kept on site. You will have to set up a delivery account to have your tank refilled when it runs out.

NG systems are delivered through a meter similar to city water. See image above. You will receive a monthly bill for the amount of NG that you consume.

What is a BTU (British Thermal Unit)?

Gas energy is measured in BTU's. A single BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit starting at 39 degrees Fahrenheit. A single matchstick is around 1 BTU.

Gas Leak / Gas Test

We perform gas leak inspections and tests per the most local authority having jurisdiction.

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New Installs.

If your home is expanding or you have a new project that needs a new gas line, we can help.

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